Strategic Position

Situated on the extreme tip of western Sicily


Its urban center dates back to 397 BC


A privileged location for climatic conditions.

Passion for Wine

Marsala, The city of Wine


Marsala is the ancient Lilibeo. Its urban center dates back to 397 BC, when the defeated Phoenicians settled in the island. It is located on the extreme tip of western Sicily, in a fascinating area of interest compared to other locations, both for the climatic conditions and its geographical position. It has 14 km of coast, with many beaches . It is an ancient city, rich in historical and archaeological evidence. Its important position in the Mediterranean Sea has been the dominant factor in its history. It is known throughout the world for the landing of Garibaldi with the thousand men and for the wine bearing its own name. The old town is enclosed by gates and ramparts that lead into the streets where museums, Spanish palaces, monuments and churches are overlooked. Marsala is a city of great touristic attraction with the beautiful landscape of the Stagnone sprinkled with islands and salt pans with their windmills. A lovely setting from dawn to dusk. The “Stagnone-oriented Natural Reserve” is Sicily’s largest lagoon between Marsala and Trapani. Environment of great interest and great landscaping effect, the lagoon is composed by a small island archipelago: Isola Lunga, the island of Santa Maria, the island of Scuola and the island of Mozia. In the frame of the salt pans you can also see the beautiful windmills, and from June to September you can see the activity of the men who collect the salt.

Marsala, a city that encloses the ancient and the modern.

the heart of

Local Tourism

from 397 b.C. to the present day.


Mozia was an ancient Phoenician city on the island of San Pantaleo, which in 2006 became, together with the ancient Lilibeo (Marsala), Unesco Heritage as Mothia Island and Lilibeo: The Phoenician-Punic Civilization in Italy.


A unique territory facing the island of Mothia along the famous “salt street”. The Stagnone Lagoon Salt Pans have been elected FAI’s “Place of the Heart”, winning the special EXPO 2015.


Historical establishments and new companies have produced and produce with passion excellent white and red wines but also liqueur, such as the DOC Marsala wine, known all over the world.


Cicerone said : “Pulcherrima sed Ventosa” (Beautiful but windy), so, what better opportunity for Kitesurf champions all over the world to be able to practice their beloved sport with much fun?

The most beautiful sea

from coast to coast

San Teodoro

North Coast

Lungomare Mediterraneo

South Coast

Ancient Fish Market

Inside the structure built in the 16th century, in a very picturesque setting in the historic center of Marsala. Fish market during the day, center of the” movida” during the night. The Ancient Market hosts several pubs and clubs.